Weekend Specials

Pot Roast:
Tender tri-tip steak slow braised and served with mushroom gravy, garlic mashed potatoes and sautéed vegetables. $18
Ossobuco alla Milanese:
Tender shank of beef, braised in red wine, garlic and vegetables;
served with garlic mashed potatoes. $22

Wednesday & Thursday Happy Hour Specials

Vegetarian $8  vegetables, olives & artichoke hearts in a tomato basil sauce
Prawns $9  with Kalamata olives, vegetables & garlic in a crème sauce with Parmesan
Meatballs $9 in a tomato basil sauce

Rainbow Trout $9: pan fried with lemon rice & sautéed vegetables 
Pork Ribs $11 braised ribs dipped in BBQ sauce. Served with mashed potatoes & veggies
Chicken Parmesan $9  tomato ragout w/mozzarella & spices
Meatloaf: Ground beef & lamb served w/gravy, mashed potatoes & veggies.       
Chicken Cacciatore $11 w/onion, tomatoes, herbs & white wine.  Two chicken thighs served over fresh pasta & cheese.
Draft beer $5.50 
House wine $5.50 
(white or red)