Soup of the Day:    Cup:$4 / Bowl $6
Topinka: House-made bread spread w/ olive oil, diced garlic & melted Emmenthaler   $5.50  
Avocado: Stuffed with cranberry chicken salad   half $6/whole $11
Hummus: chickpeas puree, tahini, garlic, and lemon, marinated red onion & pita  $9
Terrine: Chicken ad duck liver pate with tossed green salad $9.05

Spanacopita: Family Recipe, baked phyllo, layered spinach, feta & herbs, tzatziki  $9


Tomato Salad: in basil vinaigrette with marinated red onions and parsley $7.50
Tomato and mozzarelle with fresh basil; extra virgin olive and balsamic $10
Beet Salad: basil vinaigrette and spinach with feta cheese $9.50
Baked Goat Cheese: Over mixed greens in basil vinaigrette with grapes and glazed pecans. $12

Green Romaine Salad: lemon vinaigrette, cherry tomatoes, marinated red onions, Kalamata olives,
and parmesan cheese $10.50
Add Grilled Salmon $8       Add Prawns $7   
     Add Chicken Breast $5

Prawns: Sautéed in garlic and sherry vinegar, served over romaine in basil vinaigrette,
cherry tomatoes, marinated red onions   (regular 10.5)  (full  $18)                             

Calamari: Sautéed in garlic and lemon , served over romaine in basil vinaigrette,cherry tomatoes,
marinated red onions, Kalamata olives, and lemon (regular $9.5)   (full  $16) 

Greek: Lemon vinaigrette, cucumber, cherry tomatoes, Kalamata olives & feta cheese  $10                   
Add Grilled Salmon $8         Add Prawns $7          Add Chicken Breast   $5


Florentine Ravioli: Four cheese spinach white-wine cream sauce, topped with crispy prosciutto $14
Pesto Fettuccini: Roasted walnuts, Kalamata olives, mushrooms, artichoke hearts, parmesan $13
          Add Grilled Salmon $8     Add Prawns $7     Add Chicken Breast $5                            
Macaroni & Cheese: With four cheeses in roasted garlic cream $11
         Add ham, bacon or crispy prosciutto  $2


Bulgarian Feta: Open-faced on baguette with Kalamata olives, olive oil, and thyme  $8.50
         Choice of French fries or Roasted potato wedges

Grilled Ham and Emmenthaler: On baguette with mustard and chipotle aioli  $8.50            
       Choice of French fries or roasted potato wedges

Grilled Chicken Breast: On baguette with chipotle aioli $9
       Choice of French fries or roasted potato wedges
  Add bacon $2     Add cheese $1

Burger: 1/3 lb grilled, on a sesame seed bun with onion, lettuce, tomato and mayo or chipotle aioli $8
      Choice of French fries or roasted potato wedges
      Add bacon $2 Add cheese $1

Gyro Wrap: beef and lamb in a pita bread with marinated red onions, tomatoes and tzatziki $9

Brochette Wrap: Choice of charbroiled shrimp souvlaki, chicken, or pork brochette in pita bread $9
with marinated red onions, tomatoes and tzatziki  

Main Menu

Spinach and Lemon Rice: Lightly sautéed w/ tomato, baked, topped w/ feta $11
Omelet: three egg omelet with mushrooms, onion, tomatoes, bell pepper, spinach and Feta. $9
Served with roasted potato wedges and garlic bread     
     Add bacon $2      Add cheese $1

Black Beans and Rice: with Cumin, lemon and garlic, rice, and lime-cilantro tomatoes $9
     Add Grilled Salmon $8      Add Prawns $7     Add Chicken Breast  $5
Calamari Entrée: Simmered with tomato, red wine and anise. Served with baked spinach $12
Crab Cakes: Pan-fried with chipotle aioli, with tossed greens $12
Baked Chicken: with sautéed vegetables and roasted potato wedges $9.5
Chicken Parmesan: with tomato ragout, Emmenthaler cheese; with rice and sautéed vegetables  $11
Gyro plate: gyro beef and lamb with tzatziki, rice, sautéed vegetables and pita bread $12
Chicken Brochette Plate: Marinated chicken skewer charbroiled with onions, red peppers, 
and tomato served on a bed of rice and sautéed vegetables. $11


Receive a free dessert for cash or check payment over $35.                                                                                      
Parties of ten or more receive a whole pie or tart free!