Dinner Menu


Cucumber: Thin sliced, tossed in homemade tzatziki  $7
Beet: Basil vinaigrette, on a bed of spinach with feta cheese  $9.50
Tomato, mozzarella w/ fresh basil, extra virgin olive and balsamic $12

Spinach: Basil vinaigrette, marinated red onions and feta cheese $9.50
Green Leaf: Lemon vinaigrette, cherry tomatoes, marinated red onions, Kalamata olives,  parmesan chees$12
Organic tri-colored grains, mixed greens, vegetables, parmesan $11


Soup of the Day: Cup: $5 /Bowl $7
Olives: Served in Rosemary infused olive oil with house bread $6.50
Topinka: House bread spread w/ olive oil, diced garlic & melted Emmenthaler  $7
Avocado: Stuffed with cranberry chicken salad  half $6.50 / whole $12
Family Recipe, baked phyllo, layered spinach, feta & tzatziki $9
Hummus: Chickpeas puree, tahini, garlic, and lemon, marinated red onion & pita $11      
Goat Cheese Tart: Deep-dish cornmeal, onions,  spinach, tomatoes and goat cheese $10
Salmon Canapes:
Lox on toasted bread topped w/ aioli and served with side of greens Half-$9/Whole-$17
Balcalao Toast: Cod mixed with potatoes, capers, tomato, and onions $12
Pesto Carrots: Road carrot topped with a zesty spinach basil pesto $10

Main Dishes

Eggplant Parmesan: Organic eggplant roasted, garlic oil, topped with tomato basil ragu, parmesan & mozzarella,
served with roasted bell pepper fettuccine $18
Spinach and Lemon Rice: Lightly sautéed w/tomato, baked, topped w/feta $15
Florentine Ravioli: Four cheeses and spinach in white-wine cream w/mixed green salad $1
add crispy prosciutto $2
Crab Cakes: Housemade with Canadian crab, topped w/aioli served with roasted potatoes & mixed green salad $21
Wild SalmonGrilled, topped w/mustard cream sauce, rice & sautéed vegetable$22
Free Range Roasted Chicken: Thyme, garlic, served w/roasted potatoes & sautéed spinach, carrots, and lemon zest $23
Duck with Caraway: Oven-roasted, served with wine-braised cabbage, roasted potatoes, & sautéed vegetables $25
Pork Schnitzel:
Viennese-Style breaded pork, over fresh pasta topped with a garlic-tomato compote $17
Pork Chop:
Stuffed with sage cornbread, apple, nuts & Fontina, Apple Madeira jus, mashed potatoes, & sautéed vegetables $23
Hungarian Goulash:
Traditional beef stew with paprika & marjoram on buttered 18-noodles, sour cream & garlic-tomato relish $23
Lamb Shank:
Braised in red wine, herbs, garlic, vegetables, served with garlic mashed potatoes $26

PAY WITH CASH OR CHECK for meal over $30.00 and RECEIVE A FREE DESSERT! Party of 10, receive free CAKE!